How to Pick InsurTech Startups with Strategic Fit

First, you have to have an idea of how your business will look like in the future. Make this the guideline for your collaboration with InsurTech startups and then start to divide InsurTech Startups into two strategic groups. Watch my lessons learned.

Top Quotes

Top Quote: The first group of #InsurTech #Startups are Improvers. They take the insurance industry as it is, and apply state-of-the-art technology on top of it ...


Top Quote: The second group of #InsurTech #Startups are Inventors. They think differently, take the principles of insurance re-evaluate them, and come to different conclusions ...


Top Quote: So these are the two groups of #InsurTech #Startups you should check for your strategic fit. Now your list gets smaller ...


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About the Global InsurTech Summit

This is a recording of the opening Keynote at Global InsurTech Summit #GIS2019 in Istanbul, Turkey. The event was hosted by InsurTech Hub. InsurTech Hub is an insurance ecosystem enabler with high value-added services for startups, scaleups, insurers, reinsurers, brokers, agencies, technology providers, investors, government, universities, technoparks, incubation centers, and others.